The high-tech notebook: The Everlast Notebook

This may just be the perfect note book for all us note-taking, organization obsessed nerds!

For the past few years, educators have been trying to get students to take notes by hand because it has been shown that retention is increased when students take notes by writing rather than typing on a keyboard. It also reduces distractions – if a student is on a laptop it is so tempting to see what their friends are up to on Facebook or Google Chat.

I grew up with a pen and paper in my hand, not a cellphone or laptop. My notes were always organized and colour coded. I prefer writing with pen but like the fact that pencil is not permanent – mistakes happen. While I love my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and stylus combination and the fact that OneNote has all my notes organized and backed up for me (I will write a love-letter blog post about my Surface soon), I write more naturally and more quickly on a notebook.

The ability to erase pen and easily organize my notes is pretty amazing. You can code pages and when you scan them with your phone, they will be automatically uploaded to the appropriate cloud folder. Students could set up a different code for each course they are taking. Teachers can set up a code for each class they are teaching. With this notebook, we may be able to convince our students to switch over to (high-tech) pen and paper.

These notebooks are currently running as a crowdfunding¬†INDIEGOGO campaign. (I will take 2 please!)¬†Check out Rocketbook’s website.

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