Academic YouTube Stars exist! Meet Dr. Claudia Krebs

Any educator looking to be inspired by forward-thinking teaching techniques need look no further than the UBC department of Neurology.

Dr. Claudia Krebs used a grant to record and produce high quality, informative videos for the UBC Neurology Department. Luckily for the rest of the world, Dr. Krebs believes in open-source educational resources, so schools all over the world are learning from them. I warn you, these videos are not for the squeamish!

Dr. Krebs has flipped her classroom and since she has moved her lectures outside of the lecture hall, her classes are able to spend their time with more meaningful activities.

She also provides a good example of how instructors can use Twitter to engage with students. On a regular basis, Claudia will post questions and scans with a custom hashtag that her students follow. These questions are then taken up in class after students have had time to think about them. If you follow her on Twitter, you will be wishing you were in her class!

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