Educational videos on a budget: Meet PowToon

I host a YouTube channel for my students and most of my videos are made using “pencasting” which is a fancy word for writing on the screen. For my Media Enhanced Learning class that I am taking through VCC, I decided to try another media type for my video project.

As you can see, PowToon has great animation and fun cartoons to captivate the audience. They have various themes so you can choose whether you want your video to have a professional or comical feel. (The static in the voice over is from my mic, not from PowToon!)

I took the time to watch the tutorial which was very helpful. I would have been a bit lost without it as I haven’t used a similar program before. After the tutorial, I had my slides put together in about 45 minutes so I would say that it was pretty easy to use!

The great part about this program is that they have a FREE VERSION! The free version has extremely limited cartoons, and they will still show you all of the premium features but you aren’t able to use them which is really frustrating. When I signed up for the free version, they gave me two days to try out the premium features so I used those on the bond discount video (above).

With so many programs to choose from, which one do you use!? Let me know in the comments.

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