Do you teach online? Try being a student!

Photo credit: Keith Williamson

If you teach online, or a hybrid type class, do your students a favor and take an online course!

I recently completed an online course on a subject I’m extremely interested in, using technology in education. The instructor was helpful, the subject matter was engaging, my classmates were extremely willing to offer feedback and help, but still I found myself leaving things until the last minute and getting distracted by life.  Taking classes online is hard.

 I teach hybrid classes where students can learn at their own pace outside the classroom and we meet once a week to work on activities and problems. I was always an extremely motivated and diligent student in university (I’m a total nerd!) so I have a hard time understanding when students forget to do homework or don’t prep for class.

I had a family emergency come up while taking my online course so it taught me how life can really get in the way and distract students from studies, especially a self-paced course. This course not only taught me the subject matter, it also taught me what students go through during the process (I think it was designed that way).

Improve your empathy towards your students – take an online class if you are going to teach one!

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