Try pencasting – it’s really easy!

I was extremely flattered to be a guest speaker on the Teaching In Higher Ed podcast where I spoke about my YouTube channel and pencasting. Pencasting is a style of video where the ‘teacher’ is writing on the screen so it looks like a whiteboard or blackboard. I made a video to explain how I make these videos.

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Do you teach online? Try being a student!

Photo credit: Keith Williamson

If you teach online, or a hybrid type class, do your students a favor and take an online course!

I recently completed an online course on a subject I’m extremely interested in, using technology in education. The instructor was helpful, the subject matter was engaging, my classmates were extremely willing to offer feedback and help, but still I found myself leaving things until the last minute and getting distracted by life.  Taking classes online is hard.

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Educational videos on a budget: Meet PowToon

I host a YouTube channel for my students and most of my videos are made using “pencasting” which is a fancy word for writing on the screen. For my Media Enhanced Learning class that I am taking through VCC, I decided to try another media type for my video project.

As you can see, PowToon has great animation and fun cartoons to captivate the audience. They have various themes so you can choose whether you want your video to have a professional or comical feel. (The static in the voice over is from my mic, not from PowToon!)

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Academic YouTube Stars exist! Meet Dr. Claudia Krebs

Any educator looking to be inspired by forward-thinking teaching techniques need look no further than the UBC department of Neurology.

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